Secure Code Review

In fast-paced coding environments, where critical deadlines demand that code be written, tested and deployed within a short time period, unsafe coding practices are very prone to creep-in, which may lead to errors from the security aspect. This code is where security defects originate, which can lead to threats and vulnerabilities in an application and its functionalities. Code reviews identify programming flaws that can make applications vulnerable to attack and exploitation, for mitigating risks and eliminating architectural flaws.

Secure code review is the process of auditing the code of an application on a line by line basis for its security quality. This ensures that the application is developed properly so that the application defends itself in its own environment.

A Code Review discovers implementation-level vulnerabilities introduced during coding and recommends remediation for those coding errors. It provides an analysis of an existing codebase and locates code constructs that lead to security vulnerabilities. A security code review is designed to highlight potential security vulnerabilities within the application based upon a defined application threat-model. These services provide a very granular level of review on the actual application source code in order to ensure that best practices of secure coding are in place, thus providing the highest level of scrutiny.

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