22 February 2023

Gender Equality in The Workplace | qSEAp

For any successful business, creating a fair and equitable workplace is essential. As society evolves and workplaces become more diverse, it’s critical to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities regardless of gender or other factors.

In this blog, we explore how businesses can foster a balanced environment which encourages success for all employees, regardless of their gender identity. By encouraging your HR team to create genuinely equal conditions in the workplace, you can ensure that you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to both employee engagement and morale as well as productivity within your organization.

Let’s understand the meaning of “GENDER”

“Gender is a socially constructed notion. It is not the same as sex which is about the biological characteristics of women and men. It is also not synonymous with women. Gender is determined by the conception of tasks, functions, and roles attributed to women and men in society and public and private life”. Source: Gender in practice. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation(2003)

The gender approach is distinct in that it focuses on women and men and not on women in isolation. It highlights:

  • The differences between women’s and men’s interests even within the same household and how these interact and are expressed.
  • The conventions and hierarchies which determine women’s and men’s position in the family, community, and society at large where women are usually dominated by men.
  • The differences between women and men are based on age, wealth, ethnic background, and other factors.
  • The way gender roles and relations change, often quite rapidly, as a result of social, economic, and technological trends. (Source: Wijk and Francis, 1999)

Why GENDER EQUALITY is important in the workplace

Let’s first understand the meaning and importance of Gender Equality at Workplace.

Gender equality is achieved when people can access and enjoy the same rewards at the same time, resources, and opportunities regardless of whether they are a woman or a man. Gender equality in the workplace aims to achieve broadly equal outcomes for women and men, if not the same outcome for all individuals.

To achieve this, we require:

  • Workplaces to provide equal pay for women and men for work of equal or comparable value
  • The removal of barriers to the full and equal participation of women in the workforce
  • Elimination of discrimination based on gender, particularly concerning the family and caring responsibilities for both women and men.
  • Access to all occupations and industries, including leadership roles, for women and men

Achieving gender equality is important for workplaces not only because it is ‘fair’ and ‘the right thing to do’ but it is also vitally important to the bottom line of a business and the productivity of our nation.

Importance of Gender Equality in the workplace fosters:

  • Better work culture.
  • Growth of employees & organization.
  • Employees can use their knowledge and provide fruitful returns to the company.
  • Right things can be done at the right time.
  • Improve the productivity of the organization
  • Increase organizational performance

How Does qSEAp Promote Gender Equality:

  • qSEAp gives equal opportunity to all its employees.
  • Never judges the employees’ capabilities based on their genders.
  • Never disgraces anyone in the company.
  • Always gives equal rights based on its employees’ job profiles and knowledge.

Concluding Thoughts

Qseap always believes in gender equality, which we believe is to start equality within ourselves or our homes. We strive for a workplace where every job is filled by the most suitable person, no matter their gender. Opportunity & growth are equally given. We encourage everyone in the company— regardless of their gender or identity—to reach their full potential at Qseap.

If you believe in our vision and would like to join us in our journey towards achieveing gender equality, then apply now! We have many great job openings which can be found on our LinkedIn page. You can also reach out to us at preeti.goswami@qseap.com .

Join us today and help make tomorrow better for everyone, regardless of gender.

Preeti Goswami is the HR Manager at qSEAp Infotech pvt. ltd.

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