SSTI (Server Side Template Injection)


Server side Template Injection or SSTI occurs when an attacker provides a malicious input to the application template which leads to executing commands on the server side.

26 August

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Access personal system through RDP from anywhere via OpenVPN Cloud

So, this write-up is all about accessing your home system via RDP from
anywhere through OpenVPN connection.

11 July

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How to Access a LAN resource over the Internet?

It is quite fascinating to know what we can do with the help of internet.

17 December

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SSL Certificate Pinning Bypass – The Manual Approach!

SSL Certificate pinning is a process where an application on the ...

02 April

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Managing Cyber-Attacks in a time of Pandemic

Do you think this pandemic can extend for a period of 6 months , 1 Year or 2 Years ? No Idea.

10 May

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Hacking Json Web Token

According to official website, JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open standard (RFC 7519) that defines a compact and self-contained …

24 December

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Root Detection and SSL Pinning Bypass Using Xposed Framework

Root-detection process is used in Android to prevent users from using their app on a rooted device…

24 December

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iOS Application Security Testing & Pentesting

Apple Inc., the largest consumer electronics manufacturers in the world...

23 March

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How To Fix IIS Vulnerabilities

nternet Information Services (IIS) is a robust product offered by Microsoft used as a web server by many popular ...

22 March

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Bypass SSL Pinning With FRIDA

Before we proceed, let’s have a look at the tools necessary for FRIDA SSL pinning

02 February

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