Concurrent IS Audits Of Datacentre

  • Daily audit as per company’s requirements especially review of user management (creation, modification, deletion of user accounts and their privileges)
  • Review change management, review incident management, review backup process, daily audit trail verification for changes done in parameters, and tables, handling of failed transactions, handling of soc alerts
  • Review of VAPT compliance, helpdesk review, etc

Compliance to Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS)

  • Review of compliance to PCI-DSS as per their standard guidelines for operations involving card

Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines like RBI, NBFC, NPCI, SEBI, IRDA, Aadhar, eKYC etc

  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines such as the RBI, NBFC, NPCI, SEBI, IRDA, Aadhar, eKYC, and so on.

Compliance to GDPR, Data Privacy Regulations

  • Review of compliance to privacy laws as per law/guidelines for data collection, transit and storage, preventive controls and measures undertaken by the client

Compliance to Cyber Security Guidelines

  • Cybersecurity policy
  • Network architecture security, segregation of networks, redundancy and load balancing
  • Access controls, single-point failure, presence of security devices such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, their placement, endpoint security, and configuration review
  • External VA/PT for vulnerable ports and openings, SIEM, SOC, performance, business continuity/redundancy
  • Incident management, monitoring, review, tech, exploitation of vulnerabilities in a wireless network, internet controls, email, web controls, and social media controls, etc.
  • Capacity planning, performance monitoring, licenses and compliance, help desk, cybersecurity preparedness indicators
  • Existence of SOC and its management review, etc.

Vendor Audit/Third party services audit/outsourced services security audit

  • SLA review
  • Background verifications
  • Business continuity
  • Skills, compliances will be reviewed of third-party resources

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