Wireless security is the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to computers using wireless networks. As wireless technology is getting popular its risks to attacks are also getting increased. Effective wireless security policies need to be implemented to guard against unauthorized access.

Why Wireless Security

Wireless networks are very common, both for organizations and individuals. Many laptop computers have wireless cards pre-installed. The ability to enter a network while mobile has great benefits. However, wireless networking has many security issues.

Many organizations/individuals, while setting up their wireless networks rush through the job to get their Internet connectivity working as quickly as possible, ignoring the security practices, as configuring their security features can be time-consuming and non-intuitive. But the downside of a wireless network is that, unless you take certain precautions, anyone with a wireless-ready computer can use your network. That means your neighbours, or even hackers lurking nearby, could “piggyback” on your network, or even access the information on your computer. And if an unauthorized person uses your network to commit a crime or send spam, the activity can be traced back to your account.

qSEAp’s Methodology

Phase -1 Audit

The Phase-1 audit is primarily about gathering information about the wireless LAN and showing what information others can readily gather about your network.

Services Performed:

  • Detect and identify the wireless network including channels and ESSID
  • Identification and location of all your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure assets
  • Configuration Analysis
  • The current performance of your Wi-Fi network
  • Determine if WEP is enabled on all remotely accessible access points
  • Inspection of broadcast frame and record the information it broadcasts
  • Monitor for rogue access points from outside or inside the building
  • Collect IP addresses of access points and clients
  • Collect MAC addresses of access points and clients
  • Policy and security compliance
Phase -2 Audit

Services Performed:

Social Engineering

  • Attempt to gain information via social means
  • Interaction with employees
  • Attempt to gain physical access to networks and/or secured areas

WEP Encryption Test

  • Identify if WEP is enabled on all accessible access points
  • Identify or decipher the WEP key
  • Capture WEP encrypted data

MAC Address Spoofing Test

  • Intercept a valid client MAC address
  • Bypass MAC filtering by impersonating the valid client

Access Point Accessibility Test

  • Access configuration menu using browser interface
  • Access configuration menu using telnet
  • Access configuration parameters using SNMP
  • Access configuration parameters using FTP

Authentication Test

  • Determine what types of authentication methods are implemented
  • Capture data that contains usernames and passwords
  • Logon to the network

Compatibility Test

  • Determine manufacturer(s) of the access points
  • Assuming communication is possible; communicate with access point using various client cards with or without WEP

Data Collection Test

  • Focus on collecting data that is transmitted over the wireless network
  • Apply filters to the data to look for any “interesting” data such as passwords or “$”

What does Wireless Audit reveal?

qSEAp Wi-Fi RF Audit gives a detailed, impartial and unbiased report of your network, answering key questions and providing information on:

  • Identification and location of all your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure assets
  • The current performance of your Wi-Fi network
  • Problem areas requiring action
  • Rogue Access Points and neighbouring networks
  • Policy and security compliance

Customer Advantages

  • Peace of mind against hacker-attacks, by using a secure wireless network.
  • Benefit over the competitor by having a reputation of using a secured wireless network.
  • Earn goodwill in the market and industry.
  • Meet regulatory compliances.
  • Maintain customer loyalty.

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