Functional Banking Domain

Functional audit of banking applications with respect to security such as effectiveness, sufficiency, accuracy, the integrity of applications.

ISMS (ISO 27001) Implementation Review

Organisation study, scope and objective definition, gap assessment and recommendations, defining ISMS organisation, SOA, risk analysis, risk treatment and mitigation strategy, policies, procedures, record maintenance, determination and maintenance of metrics, management review, Internal audits, CAPA (Corrective Preventive Action), pre-assessment audits, hand-holding during audits of certifying body etc.

Technology Product / Process / Delivery Channels Reviews

Application security, network security, vendor management review, compliance to regulatory guidelines.

Risk Management Frameworks, Risk Assessment, Mitigation

Define RA methodology, identify assets, conduct workshop for risk assessment, risk classification, risk register, risk treatment and risk acceptance.

Implement Data Privacy Regulations

GDPR/Privacy guidelines implementation consultancy.

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