Aiming for Secured IT Infrastructure?

Is your operational team ready to handle the threat, risk or cyberattacks?

Are your organization’s assets secured?

Is your organization able to demonstrate compliance against Standard Secure policies or guidelines?

Does your organization have enough Knowledge, Skill and abilities (KSA) manpower to accomplish the project?

These kinds of questions may often raise in your organization while visioning of secured IT infrastructure.

Due to the fact that, in today’s fast-growing Information Technology era, coping to secure the information/data has become a challenge, the reason could be either:

  • Increasing new security technology.
  • Change or up-gradation of security applications and network.
  • Not an adequate amount of security professionals in the market.
  • Expensive security tools to opt and time-consuming to learn and understand those tools.

These gaps in securing Information Technology makes information more susceptible to breach, vulnerable to threats and attacks. To fill or cover this gap, Information Security personnel plays an important role, and this is where the qSEAp Infotech best fits in to provide security solution through the services termed as “Consultant as a Service”.

The qSEAp Infotech creates Knowledge, Skill and abilities (KSA) Manpower/consultants, that are always urging to identify the vulnerabilities, flaws and risk and provide the solutions before it becomes a threat or attacks to the assets or organization.

qSEAp infotech values the customer’s norms therefore the service it provides are flexible as per customer requirement: Onsite or offsite testing.

CaaS (Consultant as a Service) is a service model, wherein you can take security consultants from qSEAp as and when required by your organization and specific to the duration of your project requirement.

Under CaaS you can procure consultants with experience of 6 months to 6 Years within 15 days turnaround time. The consultants can be hired by any individual or corporate. Our key motto is to help our partners in expanding their businesses by leveraging our capabilities.

qSEAp CaaS are based on the below skill sets:

Testing Services
  • Application Security Assessment
  • Mobile Application security assessment
  • Internal/External Network VAPT
  • Network Infrastructure review
  • WIFI Penetration testing
  • Configuration Review / Hardening
  • Firewall rule base review
  • SOC Analyst (L1- Triage Specialist)
  • SOC Analyst (L2- Incident Responder)
Specialized Services
  • SCADA Pen testers
  • SOC Analyst (L3- Malware Analysts/Threat Hunter)

qSEAp CaaS are based on the below skill sets:

  • High turn-around time to hire a consultant
  • No bench cost. You can hire consultants specifically for the duration of your project.
  • No training Cost. qSEAp takes the responsibility to continually train all our consultants on the latest technology and topics.
  • We do not engage freelancers for any requirement. Having our in-house resource on projects gives you more control over them in terms of technical skill, redundancy and decamping.
  • Hiring, providing backup during leaves and smooth relieving of consultants will be taken care of by qSEAp.
  • All the statutory compliance of consultants will be taken care of by qSEAp.

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